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Las Olas was founded in 1997 by a woman who has dedicated over 25 years to board sports. As the first of its kind, others will continue to imitate our program, but our success grew from vast experience and a genuine love of surfing, culture, and friendship.

Our ratings are unsurpassed. Guests have consistently rated us with five star reviews and heartfelt support from the beginning. Las Olas' exceptional crew offers uncommon professionalism and attention to detail. Highly qualified and motivated, their focus is for everyone to excel and have fun.

We believe since 1997 we're making the world a better place ~ one surfer girl at a time

Mexico has been the most wonderful host for Las Olas. The climate is mild. The jungle is fertile. The waves are gentle and the people are generous and friendly. The village is rich in culture and hospitality. One of our favorite experiences at Las Olas comes from our immersion into the community.

The Community
The village is home to fishermen, surfers, Bohemians, and a thriving Mexican population. Like many Mexican villages, the action takes place around the lively town square. The beach, restaurants, gift shops, and coffee shops, are all within walking distance.

This special community is a diverse place of incredible charm and optimism. After visiting for years, we sense this more and more each trip. Our experiences have proven that the people of this great land are warm and wonderful hosts. In return, we try our best to respect their culture, pace, and dignity while representing our heritage in a positive way, too.

Your Accommodations
Your villa features open architecture with cabana-style enclosed bedrooms. Every villa is a work of art individually designed and built by local craftsmen and artisans. None are the same; all are charming.

Expect all the features of a regular hotel– comfortable beds, hot and cold water, kitchettes, but that's where the similarities end. Here you'll steal wide open views of the shoreline, surf break, and the big blue sea.

A short walk to the village takes you to la Casita, the Las Olas clubhouse, where you'll meet for class, pick up your board, and ramble less than a block to la playa. From there the surfbreak is directly out. When you're finished, shower off back at La Casita and stroll into town for a meal or up the beach to your villa for a little siesta.

The Surfbreak
The surfbreak is a reef that breaks right to a sandy shore. The waves are plentiful, yet forgiving. The location has been chosen for its warm waters, typically gentle waves and friendly surfing community. Las Olas guests surf on soft deck starters or hand-shaped, performance longboards made specifically for women.

Stand Up Paddle
There’s no better place to learn stand-up paddleboarding. You'll be gliding over the warm waters on your first voyage. Let us know if you're interested in exploring the shoreline between surf sessions.


Contact Us For More Information
We're happy to answer any questions you have about Las Olas, and will keep you updated on future surf safaris.





How did you Hear About Us?  

When most of our supermarket food is shipped in from another hemisphere, it's refreshing to eat produce from farmers who understand “local” to mean “from across the street”. Fish from just beyond the surfbreak, mangos from the neighbor, and fresh vegetables off the truck daily make up the ingredients of your menu.

At Las Olas, you won't eat in a hotel cafeteria either. Experience a variety of dining options as you explore the locally owned cafe and cantinas available to you. We have special arrangements with family restaurants throughout the village.

Special diet requests? Just let us know. Our crew is here to meet your needs.







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