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The very first person to review the Las Olas experience was Marilyn Edwards, then editor of a great women's surf publication, Wahine Magazine. She put it simply when she reported that, “Las Olas is a five star experience.” That first review from 1997 confirmed that we were doing it right. Since then, we have continued to refine our safaris. While steady media praise is rewarding, it's our alumnae reviews that truly inspire us.

Also, what's learned in the ocean applies throughout life. Here, Las Olas alumnae talk about life long after the safari is over.


"Not one, not even two, but THREE times I've thoroughly enjoyed Las Olas. …words can't express how much fun it is to arrive as a woman, and leave as a girl! I better get working on trip number four!"

Barbara – wife, mom, volunteer & philanthropy – La Jolla, CA


"It's rewarding to hear my teens say how cool they think it is that their almost 50-yr.-old mom has a passion for Mexico, the beach and now, also surfing. Las Olas … left me with a refreshed zest for life, my family, and new challenges."

Lisa – Wife, Supercool Mom :) & Cattle Rancher – Spokane, WA


"It was very empowering to make a trip, alone, with 6 beautiful strangers and experience something that I had personally always wanted to do."

Jenn – Athletic apparel design director – NYC


I felt a combination of freedom, total relaxation and unknown challenge — an unexpected tension that made this not a tourist experience, but a true adventure. … I know I’ll be back in a year or two!

Connie – Teacher of English as a second language/life skills to new refugees to the U.S. – Brooklyn, NY


"Las Olas was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. The entire trip was filled with peace and joy from start to finish. The Villas were just breath taking–think tree house perched over the bay where you surf everyday. Way too much fun to only experience once!!"

Sherri – BMW Client Advisor – St. Francisville, LA


"My Las Olas experience was FANTASTIC! While I can go on and on about every aspect of this trip - the food, the location, the organization, etc. - what made a real difference for me was the atmosphere that the staff created. They went above and beyond… not just on the surfboard, but everywhere else."

Nancy E. – Development, Stanford Law, San Jose CA


"I will be returning for another surf safari with Las Olas next year (and the year after that and the year after that...). I am hooked...surfing has changed my life!!! :)"

Holli – VP of a Marketing and Promotions Agency – Atlanta, GA


"I really think this was the best vacation I've ever had and I often yearn to be back on the beach and board and can't wait till next time. I would recommend Las Olas 100%!"

Caroline – Marriage Family Therapist Intern – El Cerrito, CA


"What a GREAT experience!! A beautiful location, relaxing atmosphere, comfortable accommodations, knowledgeable instructors … who see your strengths & support your needs to catch and ride the waves!"

Nancy – Retail (Inventory Planning) – Concord, CA


"My Las Olas surf camp experience was absolutely perfect. … I honestly had one of the best times in my life (and I've had a lot of good times!). On days when life feels ordinary I close my eyes and imagine myself floating in the warm cove, my eyes on the waves, grinning, and ready to pop up on my board ... pure joy." Susan – Founder and Chair, Clinica Verde – St. Helena, CA


"My experience at Las Olas was absolutely AMAZING. My goal during camp was just to master the pop-ups. That was covered on day 2 and by Day 3,4,5 I was totally surfing."

Dana – mom, fitness instructor and attorney – San Diego, CA


"I had been looking forward to my safari for a year when I sprained my ankle just six weeks before my departure date. I had to limp around a little bit but I had a great time anyway and I still managed to stand up on the board on my first day out! I will be back!"

Kimberly – Office Manager – Kansas City


"Las Olas was the best vacation I've ever taken. I checked off one of those "things I wanted to learn in a lifetime" and absolutely fell in love with surfing. I'm buying a board tomorrow and will hopefully be surfing all summer. I'm Las Olas' #1 fan."

Jess – Business Owner – New York/London


"Killer week, met cool women, great instructors, great scenery, great food and great Margaritas c/o Mr. Mike!!! A perfect week, can't wait for the next one!!! Muchas Gracias!!!"

Kristin – Hotel Manager – Grand Case, St. Martin


"For those of us who balance demanding careers with relationships and families, trading wool suits for wetsuits is an almost unimaginable luxury. Although I traveled solo to Las Olas, spending time with an extraordinarily accomplished group of sister surfers from nine states and four countries was one of the best parts of my week."
Melissa – Voiceover artist – Bakersfield, CA

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