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Spa & Yoga

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Relaxation and restoration are beloved aspects of the Las Olas experience. The combination of daily yoga, stunning natural surroundings, memorable massage, luxurious lodgings and engaging activities, allows our guests to slow down and relish each moment. We encourage each guest to stretch her body and mind, and to enjoy time spent in peaceful repose. Las Olas strikes a balance between the empowering challenges of surfing and the benefits of genuine relaxation. It is a perfect balance that our guests notice and appreciate as they make their transformation from women to girls.

"Every single moment was perfect." - Sue

"Everything was first class… a week of inspiration, relaxation and challenge." - Carrie

"Being here has helped me "find my balance" in many different ways." - Karma

"The entire trip was filled with peace and joy from start to finish." - Sherri


Breathing, stretching, and relaxing is an ideal warm-up for a day of surfing. Our hour long yoga sessions feature salty sea breezes, views of swaying palms, and a soundtrack of beckoning waves. It's the perfect way to loosen up.

Guests are invited to join our certified yoga instructor for a series of surf specific stretches each morning. Las Olas yoga classes are paced to the individual, and the instructor will adjust exercises to meet your needs.

Join the class on mornings of your choice, and enjoy a beneficial stretch in paradise before paddling out.

"The trip was amazing and Dawn's yoga was life-changing." - Susan

"Never had a surfer specific yoga class before. I'm sure it made me catch part of the green on a wave." - Beth

Las Olas surf massage is tailored to release tension from the muscles used most during active surfing, (not to mention the stress you may have brought from home). A one-hour massage is included with your safari, and the warm afternoon zephyrs and tranquil surroundings add another layer of relaxation to this memorable experience.

Our trained therapists are surfers themselves. They are skilled in a variety of techniques and happy to accept guest requests. The massage is a popular part of Las Olas, and guests are welcome to inquire about additional massages.

"You literally have the magic touch. Ever since your reflexology massage, I have been able to fully breathe deeply…. I am forever grateful." - Jen

Additional Spa Services
At Las Olas, we believe surfers deserve a little extra pampering. Indulge in a wide range of treatments available at the villas, including massages, facials, body scrubs, manicures, and pedicures.

Foot and Leg Massage
Scalp and Face Massage
Four Hand Massage
Ear Candling
Chocolate Facial
Deep Mint Cleanser Facial
Sea Mud Facial
Monkey Kiss Yoghurt Facial
Sea Salt Body Scrub
Spa Manicure
Spa Pedicure
Feet Exfoliation

Words of Wisdom

"Las Olas is the Golden Door of surf camps." - San Francisco Chronicle

"My perspective on life has been re-aligned – back in balance!" - Lisa T.

"I felt a combination of freedom, total relaxation and unknown challenge…" - Connie

"Las Olas… left me with a refreshed passion for life…. I hope to restore myself at Las Olas again soon." - Lisa


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