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I Need To Surf!
Hotline Wetsuits
International Women's Surfing
NorCal Women's Surf Club
Paradise Surf Shop
Surfline Women
Ward Coffee Shapes
Wet Women
Laguna Surf Shop


Our Surfer Girls Love
Toes on the Nose,   Ashley Lloyd
Bing Surfboards,   Ashley Lloyd
Roxy,    Julie Cox
Women's International Longboarding,   Julie Cox
Siren Surf,   Kristy Murphy
OP,  Kristy Murphy

Downward Dog
Yoga for Surfers
Yoga Bound
Read This!
Virgin's Guide to Everything
Globe Pequot
You Can Do It!
Utne Reader
It's Time To Get Selfish
Listen to This!
Ashley Lloyd Music
Tri-Surf Records
Palo Colorado
The Ditty Bops
Watch This!
Heart of the Sea, the Rell Sunn Story
Surfing For Life

Let's Go Shopping
Carve Designs
Aleeda Wet Suits
Body Time
Green Room
Surf Diva
Salty Girls


Get Me Out Of Here!
Trip Advisor
Alaska Airlines
American Airlines

Girls Rule!
Tango Diva
Solely 4 Women
Gather the Women Global Matrix

Let's Paint
Nancy Dodds Gallery
Lauryn Taylor Fine Art
Carol Dalton
Gregg Renfrow
William Harsh
Judi Morales Gibson

Save Our World

Clínica Verde
Surfrider Foundation
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Circle of Life Foundation
Seafood Watch
Code Pink



Doggie Love
Modern Dog Magazine
Dog Friendly


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