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Bev Sanders & Las Olas Crew
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bev sandersSurfing develops inner strength, balance, and a unique bond with the ocean. Your very first paddle out will give you an entirely new connection with the sea.

My goal at Las Olas is to calmly introduce women to this wondrous place, to begin the process of awareness and inspiration. Again and again, I hear stories of how this experience has spilled into the rest of our lives. The energy returns home. It stirs our natural intuition about life, connectivity and what's truly important.

Women are instinctive caretakers. Empower us and the whole world benefits. We each have the potential to make a positive, lasting impression on our world, despite how uncertain it can be. And I know these strengths are joyfully discovered by the little girl inside who just loves to play in the waves. So come play with us.

Bev Sanders ~ Founder

Las Olas ~ We make girls out of women.

"For whatever we lose, it's always ourself we find in the sea."  
- E.E. Cummings

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