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Bev - Manifesta Founder, Marketing Director
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

In 1982 Bev co-founded one of the first snowboard companies, ultimately spending 18 years in the snowboard industry. She was recognized as the Pioneer Woman of Snowboarding by Transworld Snowboarding Magazine and received the Tranny Award, snowboarding's Oscar. At the age of 44, her focus shifted when Bev took a surfing lesson while on vacation in Maui.  Having made a lifelong commitment of helping women reach their full potential in snowboarding, Bev continued her mission and launched Las Olas at a time when surfing was a male-dominated sport.

Bev lives and works in downtown Carmel-by-the-Sea, California with her husband Chris and her Pomeranian, Annie.   Bev chose Carmel because of it's proximity to the beach and abundance of natural beauty. Bev and crew continue to develop new programs designed to meet the needs of women who aspire to challenge and inspire themselves.    

Besides surfing...
• Favorite Things: Organic food, cooking, gardening, electric cars
• Activism: The Ocean, Trees, Conservation, Women's Empowerment, Peace
• To Do List: Ride her bike from Carmel to Boston

Morag - Head Surf Instructor

Morag began her surfing career in the cold waters of Northern California. While earning a bachelor’s degree in fine art from the University of California, Santa Cruz, she also studied surfing under the tutelage of world-class long boarders. Morag has now worked eight years as a California State Lifeguard on the busy beaches of Malibu, and occupies a senior position.

Morag is a fierce competitor in longboard surfing competitions, and is also a contest-winning paddle boarder. An expert surfer, bodysurfer, fisher, spear fisher and windsurfer, her passion for surf and travel has taken her to Oregon, California, Baja, Mexico, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Indonesia, France and Spain. Morag’s current aims include surfing as much as possible, improving her Spanish, and completing a ‘Baja cookbook’ for traveling surfers. When she isn’t surfing or teaching you’ll find her sewing, repairing surfboards, gardening, cooking, practicing yoga, running, mountain biking, and living life to the fullest.

Favorite quotes:

“There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open”.
Author unknown

“There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophy”.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Stephanie   - Surf Instructor, Camp Director, Actor, Dancer, TV Show Host
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Steph is an avid sports enthusiast who snowboards, waterskis, surfs and loves all adventure sports. She began surfing in 1996, and immersed herself in the surf industry as Director the Inner Rhythm Surf Camp in Tofino, and as sales rep for Rip Curl. Lately, Steph’s creative side keeps her in the entertainment busines; she’s currently hosting a TV show about surf and travel and her wild side comes out when the dance music starts. Can you say "superstar "?

Steph lives for travel and adventure, going from bikini surfing in Mexico, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Nicaragua, Panama and Hawaii, then back to a wetsuit and the icy waters in Canada. She’s now trying to get her hockey player fiancée ‘Hot’ Rod to join her in the waves.

Besides surfing...
• Favorite things; Tasty wine, tasty waves and her tasty boy, Rod
• To do list: travel to every country, have kids, star in a blockbuster feature film, and “rock the mic” on her TV show.... all at the same time
• Secret wish: “I still want to be ten.”
• Quote: "Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long!"

Photo credit: Aaron Fisher

Coleen - Head Surf Instructor, DJ, ESL Teacher
Cape May, New Jersey

Coleen learned to surf on the South Jersey shore (which she claims with pride) in 1995 and has been teaching since 1997. As well as being a Las Olas Head instructor, Coleen also directs Ocean Outfitters Surf Camp in New Jersey during the summer months. As a founding member of the Atlantic Surfers' Organization, Coleen is U.S.L.A. certified, and is dedicated to spreading the aloha one wave at a time.

Her B.A. in English and Spanish comes in handy during international travel and as an English tutor to Mexican migrant workers by day. At night, Coleen spins as a DJ and makes jammin' mix CD's for Las Olas dance parties. Coleen aspires to open her own surf school in Buzios, Brazil as well as use her B.A. to write a novel. Her advice for other water girls is “stay true to yourself and follow your own path.”

Besides surfing:
• Favorite things: men with beards, obscure 70's music, tres leches cake, riding around in her dad's ‘71 G.T.O.
• Global travel: Spain, France, Brazil, Hawaii, The Canary Islands, and The British Virgin Islands
• Quote: by Henry David Thoreau, “If man does not dance to the same beat perhaps it is because he hears his own drummer.” Coleen has this painted on her 7'0 Walden super wide which is a tribute board to Walden Pond.

Katie - Surf Instructor, Student of Architecture
Queensland, Australia

Katie was born in South Africa, was raised in Queensland, Australia and has been surfing since 1999. Although she was the first in her family to take up surfing, she’s converted her family members to surfers. Katie has been teaching with Las Olas since 2003, is a certified Australian surf coach and loves surfing “because it instantly connects you to a surf family all over the world... it's like being part of a tribe.”

On dry land, Katie is a third year student of architecture, and took a break for traveling, surfing, and teaching surfing. In 2005 alone, she spent time in Mexico, California, South Africa, Hawaii and New York. Katie’s ability to adapt to new places makes her the perfect world traveller. Her lifelong traveling companion is her teddy bear, who has been everywhere with her since birth.

Besides surfing:
• For fun: Cooking, reading, drinking rum.
• To do list: Travel to as many countries as possible.
• Favorite food: Tacos in Mexico and Mum's paella.
• Quote: "There is always good that comes from the bad."

Jessica - Head Surf Instructor, Yoga Instructor
Nayarit, Mexico & Seaside, Oregon

Although Jessica first fell in love with the tropical waters of Florida, it was the chilly waves of Oregon where she first learned to surf in 2000, a time when there weren’t many women in the water. “After a cold surf you feel so alive.” Surfing soon became the focus of her life in Oregon where she worked as a lifeguard. When she made her first trip to Mexico, she simply forgot to go home. Jessica has called Mexico her home since 2002, and has surfed the entire Pacific coast of Mexico. Jessica quickly learned Spanish from the locals, and returns the favor by teaching English to children in Mexico. She found her dream job with Las Olas, teaching both surfing and yoga.

Jessica knows that being a yogi makes her a better surfer. ”It brings me into the moment that is now, keeps my energy level high and my mind clear.” Yoga is one of the main ingredients for her healthy lifestyle, and she has developed a yoga class specifically for surfers. “A day filled with yoga and surfing is the perfect day.”

Besides surfing...
• Yoga Training: Ashtanga and Iyengar
• Quote: "Surfing has centered me and brought so much joy into my life. I feel blessed that I've been able to build my life around it and share my love with others."
• Next: Travel to India to study more yoga

Kristy - Surf Instructor, Pro Surfer, 2005 Women's World Longboard Champion, Surfboard Designer
Jupiter, Florida

Kristy was practically raised in the water while growing up in Jupiter, Florida, but only started surfing in 2000. With a very short learning curve, Kristy rose to the top of women’s surfing and won the Women's World Longboard Championship in October of 2005. Kristy has been a surf instructor at Las Olas since 2003, and also designs a women's line of boards called Siren with board sponsor Channin.

Kristy is the official Las Olas party starter; she’s always good for a laugh, usually without trying, and makes a mean, yet delicious margarita. A natural comedian, she's loaded with snappy one-liners and impromptu impressions. She can get a dozen girls dancing just seconds after the music starts.

Besides surfing...
• For fun: Horseback riding on the beaches of Mexico, and she packs her cowboy outfit for every trip.
• To do list: As a self-taught 'interpretive dancer', Kristy hopes to make a documentary about her new passion.
• Quotes: "Hands to the sky!" and "Sexual chocolate!"

Lizzie - Head Surf Instructor, English Teacher, Writer, Guitar Player
Dunsborough, Western Australia

Lizzie grew up near Margaret River, the mecca of big wave surfing in Australia. She learned to surf from her father as a preteen in 1990. He would convince her to paddle out with him, among very large waves... then coax her into them. Her father’s influence has stayed with her while surfing in Mexico, California, England, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hawaii, Indonesia and multiple coasts in Australia. Although she’s a worldly surfer girl, Lizzie would best be described as ‘quintessentially Australian’. “I love the lifestyle that goes with the greatest pastime ever”.

Lizzie has been a surf instructor since 1995 and working with Las Olas since 2004. As a certified Australian Level-Two surf coach, Lizzie teaches beginning and advanced surfers alike. As the National Women's Director for Surfing Australia, she developed programs to introduce women to surfing and was rewarded with an Australian Sports Medal. Lizzie’s "Go Surfing Day" is now on the Honour Role at the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame.

Besides surfing...
• For fun: play guitar, fish, dive, write, read, gardening.
• To do list: Publish her stories, perform music in front of an audience, Brad Pitt... “he will be mine”.
• Nickname: Tough Love, due to her rather blunt style of coaching... firm but effective!

Ashley - Surf Instructor, Pro Surfer, Musician
Santa Cruz, California

Ashley has been surfing since 1989, and teaching surfing since 2000. She currently competes and surfs professionally for Toes on the nose and Revolutions. Ashley loves working with Las Olas because she feels appreciated for her surfing skills and loves to see students ride waves in just one week. Ashley is one of only a few women worldwide that shapes surfboards by hand. She says "shaping is very zen".

Then there’s Ashley the musician, who writes music, sings, plays acoustic guitar and performs live with her group The Ashley Lloyd Situation. She has released one CD, has another in the works, and describes her music as “home style with a back porch groove”. Ashley’s lyrics are personal, soulful, and are guaranteed to make you smile.

Besides surfing...
• To do list: Go on tour performing her music
• Surf Travels: Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico.
• Quote: "Love before for all things."
• Music website:

Sofia - Massage Therapist, Spanish Teacher, Surfer, Artist
San Blas, Mexico

Sofia is originally from Mexico City, but has lived in San Blas on Mexico’s Pacific coast since 1995, where she works with a non-profit that preserves the culture of the Huichol Indians (the native people in that area of Mexico). As a Huichol descendant herself, Sofia gives seminars on the culture and mythology, and makes intricate Huichol beaded jewelry with traditional patterns. Sofia is also a talented painter, skilled henna body artist, speaks three languages and teaches Spanish.

Sofia first learned to surf with Las Olas’ staff in 1999, at a time when very few Mexican women were surfing. She learned quickly, and entered her first surf contest in 2005. “I love the feeling of riding the wave, the speed, and the fact that I’m spending time in the ocean and in nature.“

Besides surfing...
• For fun: art, music, books, yoga, traveling
• Favorite pastime: Cooking. Sofia loves to try new recipes and makes amazing deserts
• Surf travel: Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua, El Salvador
• Best known for: Amazing massages.

Julie - Surf Instructor, Pro Surfer, Writer, Photographer, Model, Designer, Massage Therapist
Santa Cruz, California

Julie has been a surfer since 1996, and is a professional longboarder for Roxy and Gallaz since 2002. Surfing has taken Julie to Costa Rica, Hawaii, Baja, Australia, the Cook Islands, Tahiti, New Zealand, Mexico and France. She immerses herself in many aspects of surfing including contest organization, judging, announcing, competing, and writing for surf publications. She has appeared in international surf magazines, modes for surf companies, and is currently designing her own line of surfboards with Jed Noll.

An Environmental Studies graduate of UC Santa Cruz, Julie is also a licensed massage therapist, freelance photographer, personal surf coach, and is working on a certificate in Digital Media. And somehow, she has still time to teach surfing at Las Olas.

Besides surfing...
• Artista: Julie found her new passion, abstract painting, when she attended Artista Creative Safaris in 2005 (Las Olas' sister company). She now paints all her own surfboards by hand.
• Cover girl: Among several other layouts, Julie was featured on the cover of the Summer ‘06 cover of Athleta catalog, which was shot on location in Mexico with Las Olas.
• Photo exhibition: Julie had her first show Santa Cruz in 2006, with more in the works.

Jackie - Finance Manager/Guest Service, writer, Mom
Carmel-by-the-Sea, California

Jackie learned to surf in 1998, braving the cold waters of Oregon, but now prefers the gentle warm waters of Mexico and Hawaii. "I love gliding across the water and the wonderful feeling of balance." Having traveled the world together over the past twenty years, Jackie and husband Brian settled in Carmel to raise daughter Juliet, "My greatest desire is to bring up my girl to be a kind and happy woman". With the heart of a traveller, Jackies hopes to someday spend at least a year globetrotting with her family, leaving all complications and responsibilities behind.

Besides Surfing:
• To do list: Write a great story and see it published
• Spare time: Books, movies, yoga
• Favorite things: Round Table pepperoni pizza, Ricky Gervais

Octavia - Massage Therapist, Surfer, Whale Tour Guide, World Traveler
Nayarit, Mexico/Monterey, California

Octavia spent her formative years on the picturesque shores of Pebble Beach and Monterey Bay, and began surfing in Santa Cruz in 1996. Her degree in Environmental Studies from UC Santa Cruz has driven her passion for the ocean, and she seeks jobs with the right combination of sun, surf and sand. One such job was with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, where she lead a children’s bilingual diving program that encouraged young women’s interest in marine science. In Mexico, she leads whale watching tours of migrating humpbacks.

As world traveler, Octavia has been to to more than 30 countries, and now makes her home in Mexico. When not surfing the warm Mexican waters, you can find her hiking and taking photos, or planning her next travel destination.

Besides surfing...
• To do list: Hopes to start an marine educational program for local kids in Mexico.
• Massage: Octavia’s Certification is from Cypress Health Institute in Santa Cruz, California, and as a strong athlete herself, she gives a vigorous and therapeutic sports massage.
• Quote: "Work like you don't need the money. Love like you have never been hurt. Dance like no one is looking."

Nicole- Surf Instructor / Printer / Entrepreneur

Nicole grew up an hour inland from the Pacific Ocean in Temecula, where her youth revolved around playing soccer. She got on world traveling team and moved to San Diego to pursue a soccer career.

Once in sunny San Diego, she picked up surfing during time away from soccer and when she caught her first wave, she knew her life was about to change. She gave up soccer to surf, and sculpted her life around surfing. Surf travels have taken her to Indonesia, Japan, Hawaii, Mainland, and all up and down Baja.

She currently has a clothing line for female surfers, and she personally designs and prints every piece. In her spare time she enjoys snowboarding, cliff jumping, the driving range, and throwing awesome theme parties.

Shauna - Surf Instructor

Shauna hails from Mission, BC, Canada where the outdoor lifestyle reigns supreme. She spent summers boating, swimming, wakeboarding and camping, and winters snowboarding.

After graduation, she vowed to move herself every 6 months. That landed her in Tofino, on Vancouver Island where she learned to surf, and eventually, to teach surfing. In keeping her promise, and with a lust for warm waves and new cultures, surfing has taken her to Costa Rica, Panama, Australia, Peru, and now Mexico.

She loves surfing because it provides a feeling of freedom, and she forgets everything else when in the ocean, focusing only on the last wave and the next wave. Besides surfing, she’s working on a Health and Nutrition Degree, loves to paint with acrylics, practice yoga and run on the beach.

Her goals in life are to share happiness with others, be open to life and new experiences, follow her path and live the dream.

Dawn - Surf Instructor / Yoga Instructor

Dawn grew up landlocked in the middle of Canada, so it was a slow migration to the coast. She favored snowboarding and skateboarding over team sports and after high school she moved to the mountains to hike, rock climb, and snowboard as many days of the season as possible. She worked as a snowboard instructor and began her yoga journey.

With dreams of learning Spanish and warm travel, she flew to Mexico at age 19 and saw the open ocean for the first time. She hitched a ride with a couple from Vancouver Island to a spot where they claimed a woman would teach her Spanish and put her up in exchange for work. She scaled fish, washed dishes and made salsa. The location was one of Mexico’s more challenging beach breaks... not a place to learn to surf. So she returned to Vancouver Island to be a surfer, and soon, a surf instructor.

Eight years later, she’s travelled and surfed in Baja, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and Chile. A two year work/surf adventure took her from Hawaii to New Zealand, Australia to Indonesia and Samoa.

At home in Tofino, Canada she works as a massage practitioner and continues to explore the island, and with her boat, surfs remote breaks and fishes for salmon. She also loves to paint, draw, dance, write, eat gourmet food, practice hula hoop and stretch.

To do list: More traveling, start a business, write a book, learn more styles of body work, and more yoga!

Quote: "Dare to dream."

Erin - Surf Instructor

Erin has been surfing for 7 years and teaching for the past 4 years. She grew up in North Carolina and still calls it home, but learned to surf in San Diego and still spends several months a year there teaching. When not surfing she enjoys photography, writing, hiking, traveling and learning as much as possible about the environment and the world in which we live.

Erin loves watching students learn to surf, learn to love the ocean, and learn to laugh at themselves when they fall... then get up, turn the board around and paddle back out for another go.

Other facts:
- Driven cross country ALONE... 6 times.
- Caught mosquitoes for a living.
- Learned to build homes with Habitat for Humanity, in Louisiana.
- Worked on several political campaigns; started at 9 years old.
Earned a degree in Marine and Coastal Natural Resources

Personal goals in life: To do some good, to have some fun and to make my momma proud.

Favorite quote: “Here goes...”

Vanessa - Surf Instructor, Massage Therapist

A native of Mexico, Vanessa learned to surf when she was 17 years old. Raised in Guadalajara, far form the beach, she made a commitment to move to the coast and immerse herself in the ocean lifestyle. She hasn’t left yet. She loves the ocean and all nature, the people that she gets to meet, and “the magic all around.”

She has competed internationally, and has been Mexican Women’s National Champion (short board). Her surf travels have taken her all over Mexico, to the US, Portugal and other latin countries. She prefers the perfect waves of Puerto Escondido above all others.

Quote: “I love surfing as my way of living, and I’m also a massage and physical therapist. I like drawing, wood carving and art, reading and I love music!”

Naomi - Head Surf Instructor

Naomi learned to surf on the beach breaks of Tofino / Ucluelet on Vancouver Island, Canada. She has been surfing for nine years, instructing for six. Naomi loves the way teaching surfing gives her the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures and tropical locations away from the 6mm suit and 7mm booties. She has traveled all over Vancouver Island, Central America, Mexico and Europe looking for fun waves and meeting inspiring people along the way. When Naomi isn’t surfing at home in, she loves to be outside... hiking, snowboarding or working in her garden. Owning a sailboat and circumnavigating Vancouver Island still remain on her to-do list.

Personal goals: Keep surfing - forever.
Weakness: Chocolate - any kind.

Quotable quote: Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it. - Lao Tzu

Sonja - Surf Instructor

Originally from upstate New York, Sonja learned to surf in Humboldt County at age 21 while attending college. There, she earned a degree in Marine Resource Planning and Management from Humboldt State University. She knows oceanography as well as how to play in the ocean. She has taught Women's and Coed Surf Lessons at the university for two years. Sonja enjoys inspiring surfers and sharing her enthusiasm and appreciation for the art and sport of surfing.

Her surf travels have taken her to: Hawaii (4 months), Costa Rica (3 months), Nicaragua, Baja California (1 month), California Coast (full-time), and the Oregon Coast (various times).

Desires: Develop stronger Spanish speaking skills, organize world-wide (local and international) beach clean-ups, use her Scientific Diving Certificate and BS Degree to monitor/preserve/protect the health of our world's reefs.

Activities: surfing, diving, free-diving, snorkeling, rock climbing, running, biking, backpack/hike, spear-fishing

rachelRachel - Surf Instructor

A native Floridian, Rachel has been in the sun and surf her entire life. At age 12, she begged her mom to buy her first surfboard and taught herself how to surf. By 2000, her success in local competitions earned her an invitation to try out for the U.S. Amateur Team. With over 23 years of experience, Rachel brings a wealth of knowledge to the beach.

Combining surfing and being a successful real estate agent is no easy trick, but Rachel keeps her sanity by scheduling regular ‘board meetings’.

Favorite food – anything her husband makes!
Favorite dog – English Bull Terrier. She has two; Haley & Nathan Jr.
Other interests – Offshore fishing, anything on or in the water, working with glass to create mosaic art.

Michael - Operations Manager, Competitive Paddleboarder, Writer
Carmel, California

Mike grew up inland of the Pacific Ocean, but it was clear he was an aquatic creature as a small boy. Already a strong swimmer by age three, his Dad would have to literally drag him out of the freezing water in Santa Cruz, kicking and screaming (Mike, not Dad). Mike didn’t learn to surf until he was 30, but it has since taken over his life. In the past ten years, Mike has surfed up and down California, Baja, Mainland Mex, Costa Rica, and Japan. Ireland is next on his surf travel list. Mike says “Surfing keeps you humble; it reminds you that the Ocean is large and in charge.”

After a lucrative career as an advertising writer and author, Mike traded in his desk for a beach. As Operations Manager for Las Olas, he makes safaris run smoothly, develops new programs... and still has a silent fit when he has to get out of the ocean.

Besides surfing...
• Spare time: paddleboard racing, bocce, salmon fishing, snowboarding, tennis, bonsai trees.
• To do list: Santa Cruz to Monterey (25 miles) on a paddleboard, box seats at Wimbledon, grow up.
• Favorite things: dark chocolate, dark coffee, dark beer, dark humor.
• Favorite products: Patagonia, Nixon, O’Neill, Subaru, Macintosh, Bacardi
• Quote: “Surfing is the cure, for almost everything.”

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